The best base for doing a power assessment is to have sufficiently long and representative measurements.
Therefore we offer different possibilities:


Several anemometers in different height levels are fixed on a metmast. The measurements will be carried out in collaboration with our partners and configured according to your conceptions and requirements.

Maintenance of measurements and analyzing of the data will also be performed by our company.


The Sodar (Sound Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing instrument using the echoes of sound pulses sent to
the atmosphere. We use an Aerovironment Minisodar 4000, which is a mobile system having low requirements of measurement site (5x5 m²). Ideally its surroundings are open and not affected by any obstacles.



The Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing instrument using the backscattered radiation of laserpulses. We use mobile Leosphere Windcube V2 Lidars. It has even less requirements to the mesurement site than the Sodar and can be located on a small area, also in the forest. The aperture angle (to the top) is approximately 15°.

All instruments will be remote controlled and the data will be remote transmitted. Nevertheless a local control and surveillance should be warranted.




Combinig the measuring procedures- Lidar, Sodar and Anemometer- opens the possibility to carry out an optimized measurement for every site, according to topographic and financial aspects.

Regarding forested areas the combination of metmast and Lidar would be ideal. If it comes to open areas the metmast can also be combined with a Sodar.